Crude Oil Auto Trading

Trade using Artificial Intelligence systems in MCX Crude Oil and develop your automated trading strategies. We help to code your strategy and back-test it for maximal profits for NSE, MCX using Python and Fortran programming languages.
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Now a days profession of a trader is slowly dying and Automated Robot Trading will change it completely. We would like to introduce our Finovics Pip Harvesting Robot. Designed based on newly developed market strategies. Our algorithm has best ever features to offer consistent profits. This system is optimized to ensure 20%-30% Sure Profit at the end of the month. You just need to follow the discipline. There might be chances for 10% drawdown so make sure you invest capital accordingly.
The lot is calculated using a smart money management system that does not allow to burden the trader's deposit, which you can see in the statistics. On the trading account a portfolio of various trading advisors was assembled. Trade is fully automatic, changes can be made only in case of strong fundamental factors of a news nature.

What is EA?

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Reasons for Auto-Trading

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Things to Remember

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MQL5 Verified Live Account EA Results

Key Advantages of this EA ( Algo Trader )

Minimum balance: 750$-1000$ | MT4 Software | Works on Any MT4 Broker | Daily Passive income | Easy 5 minute Setup | 90%+ Accuracy | Profit Target 20-40% guaranteed in every month | Double your investment in less than three four months | $20 per month only | 15 days free trial

Just 20 USD per month

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Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test.  

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