Crude Oil Auto Trading

Trade using Artificial Intelligence systems in MCX Crude Oil and develop your automated trading strategies. We help to code your strategy and back-test it for maximal profits for NSE, MCX using Python and Fortran programming languages.
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Crude Oil Algo Trading

Algorithmic Auto Trading on Zerodha Trading platform

Quantum Trading Strategy for profitable trades

Trade using Artificial Intelligence systems in MCX Crude Oil

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems is programmed to use vast amounts of historic data of Crude Oil as a reference point while analyzing what is happening in real time and react accordingly. This allows Machine Learning systems to understand the market depth in terms of trade execution on the bid and offer thus providing us the best trades on intraday basis.

Auto Trading Idea

Building AI system for MCX Crude Oil was an excellent option because of high trading volume which means the trading possibilities are endless. Two years ago our research team got an idea to automate the trading system for Indian commodity markets. We started with Monte Carlo simulation model using the distribution per volatility state. This paved the path for our research team to think on grounds of maximizing profits and the use of machine learning algorithms served the purpose.

Emotionless Trading

Accurate Analysis

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Our Research Team

Finovics researcher Mr. Rishabh Gupta is a graduate researcher at Purdue University, USA with an interest in developing quantum algorithms for efficient quantum computing in chemical systems. However, looking at the financial markets of Crude Oil, he could see a connection between the randomness of the market and his vision about the behavior of chemical systems. This made him believe that his knowledge and skill of constructing effective problem solving algorithms could also be applied to develop an algo-trading model based on machine learning techniques. An in depth observational analysis of the Crude Oil financial market concocted with the scientific temperament facilitated him in contributing to the Finovics Algo Trading Strategy to provide minimal risk trading experience to people.

We do only Intraday trading?

Intraday trading deals with buying and selling of commodities on the same day, during the trading hours.

MCX Crude Oil intraday trading strategy is perfect for working professionals who do not have much time to constantly monitor the market. So our software works by analyzing every market ticks. Our trading robot start at 9:15 AM and ends at 11:27 PM IST. The reason for operating intraday is to save capital from sudden gap opening of the markets. In CRUDEOIL (100 BBL) one point move is equal to ₹ 100 Profit/Loss. We recommend to trade 1 lot with ₹ 100,000 capital.

How to start using the software ?

Initially we recommend to check alerts for 1 month which can be subscribed by joining our Telegram Channel. After 1 month of monitoring you need to open account with Zerodha and subscribe for Zerodha API which will be used to place automatic order. Our system will then interact with Zerodha API to place orders on your trading account.

I need only alerts on Telegram. Is it free ?

Telegram alerts are free for 1 month. After that you need to pay Rs 1000 per month.

Is the profit guaranteed ?

In real scenario no one can guarantee profit in financial markets. Our algorithm works well in Crude Oil and we have been monitoring since July 2019. The results are outstanding. Before you join us take 30 days free trial just to monitor.

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